Saturday, 12 April 2014

Have you MUG printed on your forehead ?

 I have been listening to LBC today, it is surprising what this throws up. One single white guy who had fallen on hard times approached his local council for housing,  he was told they couldn't help him . one of the reasons was that they had been told by central government that 30% of their housing stock had to be assigned to immigrants....... MUGS

The next bit of news concerned Maria Miller and her resignation and her being replaced in the CABINET by a Muslim   !!!!!.......MUGS

80% of the property sold  in London at the moment is being bought by foreign nationals, Russian, Chinese, Hong Kong nationals, this is forcing up prices so much it is forcing Londoners out........MUGS.

After The Government promised us immigration in the tens of thousands we have found out immigration in the hundreds of thousands hasn't even been recorded, no record of who is in the country, no criminal record checks, no health checks, a Romanian man arrested had already been deported 3 times, our borders are a joke, they are like a colander full of holes. The Government are failing in their No 1 priority to protect its citizens, this is so bad they should resign.......MUGS

A Gunman convicted of manslaughter after a case involving a machine gun, and a victim shot 11 times, the only party that has any policy on these Gun Crimes is The Roar Party.

The British Public have got used to e-voting on programmes like, Get me out of here, The Jungle, X-Factor, so why not have e-voting on these important issues, like The EU, Immigration, Education, The National Health, University Grants, Gun Crime. Parliament would become a debating chamber with The People having e-voting on important issues, Reality Politics will come.

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