Thursday, 18 January 2007

Enough is Enough

Once every so often there is a definative moment when you think Enough is Enough. That happened when I saw the story in the Financial Times Tuesday 16th January 2007, of a trial Bomb suspect arriving at court with his lawyer. ( What are these people doing running around in society they should be in a prisoner of war camp, after all they are conducting a holy war against us. We should have no compassion against them one of the accused was even reported to turn his rucksack bomb towards a mother and her child in a pushchair when he attempted to detonate it.
This brings us to the whole conduct of the government at the moment allowing unlimited non checked immigration, carrying on wars against the wishes of the majority of English voters, taking us increasingly into a federal Europe when they know if they put it to an English vote we would say NO. To my mind Tony Blair and the Labour government should be impeached.
I hear more and more people talking about Immigration, Crime, The Wars we are involved in at the moment, European Human Rights.
The Roar Party would be dedicated to listening to The People with e-voting on important issues (i.e. with text and e-mail voting) so that when a government was elected it would have to carry out the resolution of the people not carry on like a dictatorship. Parliament would be a debating chamber and the government would then have to carry out the wishes of The People not run roughshod over them.
If what I hear from the ordinary people is correct The Roar Party would stop Immigration bring back our armies from the two conflicts,set up deportation camps and send a lot of these illegal immigrants back to where they come from. We would come out of Europe get rid of the European Rights legislation (give the rights back to the people not the criminals) ask our European immigrants to go back to Europe. Have open votes on other important issues like, Capital Punishment, Hunting, English votes on English issues.
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