Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Human Rights

So the government are going to pay blood money to inner city and deprived area school teachers, £10,000 after three years, don’t make me laugh, actually I am incandescent with rage.
I’ve just had a call from an inner city secondary school teacher almost in tears, she has just started teaching at Beckton, ( I know Beckton my uncle used to shovel coal there in the gasworks it was rough then and it still seems to be ) she is used to the inner city school system and has already taught at St Pauls in Bow and The Bermondsey City Academy. She is no stranger to teaching hard kids and she is no pushover and is quite strict.
But her experiences at this school are her worst, she has just had a 15 year come right into her face and call her a f***** c***, she asked her politely as she was in her personal space to move further away and the child ( or young adult ? ) ask her what personal space is ? Do you honestly think £10,000.00 after three years is going to solve this problem, I can’t see this teacher staying in the profession and can you blame her, she is teaching 32 children in this class and it took her 40 minutes to just do the register.

What backing is this teacher going to get from the system, how come we can allow this teacher and others to be ABUSED like this without any recourse to help? £10,000.00 after three years I would like to get behind a bulldozer and raze the school to the ground.
The government’s great social experiment is in tatters, the economy is in tatters, no wonder after pouring all our money and gold reserves into the great European failure.
This I think goes to prove what every one I talk to is saying, that the great social experiment of no discipline has gone too far. The Roar Party has the answer we must get out of Europe and the European Human Rights system and restore discipline in the home and at school, these kids nowadays don’t even respect themselves how can they respect others.
As for the economy we must get out of Europe, and restore our fisheries, our agriculture, our manufacturing, we are sitting on 2,000 years reserve of fuel lets dig it up and use it, we’ve gone bankrupt paying the French, Russians and Arabs to much for our fuel.
Lets give the British people real democracy with reality politics they can’t make more of a mess of it than this government and if Labour or the Conservatives get back at the next election we will lose Britain as we know it, the Europeans are already to start carving us up into pieces so they can they can divide and RULE !

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