Monday, 9 March 2009

Binyam Mohamed

Released from Guantanamo Bay and allowed back into Britain it hasn’t taken him long to start attacking us yet again. Instead of gratefully accepting our hospitality and keeping his head down while he recovers, he is still hell bent on revenge. What is it about these people who think they can come here take advantage of our education, our benefits systems, our goodwill but at the same time not be satisfied. He was picked up on a false passport in Pakistan after he had been to training camps in Afghanistan. What is it about the British government thinking that they even want people like him back in Britain. He isn’t British he doesn’t even want to be British, he should not be allowed back here. He would be better off back amongst his own people. Even more shocking to me is the fact that he said he lived in an area of London with 10,000 Moroccans, that’s about the number of Polish the government said would come here when they joined the EU, now there are how many millions ? They can’t say. We need to come out of Europe, finish with the European Human Rights and ask these people to go home, Nobody has ask the British People if they want immigration on this scale, nobody has given us a vote on Europe or the Immigration Policy. The thing is people like Binyam Mohamed aren’t even happy when they are here. So let’s help them get back to where they came from.

The Roar Party with Reality Politics will allow us the people a vote on these matters, lets hear what the English People really think and want on these important issues, I bet not many of them would agree to People like Binyam Mohamed being allowed to stay here. With The European Human Rights issue removed we could get rid of the other is it 2,000 people on the British Governments list of people here actively plotting against us.

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