Monday, 25 May 2009

European Elections

I just heard on Television that there are 375 million people voting in The European Elections, how does that make you feel, pretty insignificant, I should imagine. But there is another way THE ROAR PARTY way, we will come out of Europe if that is The British Peoples wish, and we will introduce REALITY POLITICS, we will introduce high speed Broadband into every house and enable The People to E-Vote themselves on every important issue. Your vote will make a difference you will become more important and feel that one person can make a difference. We will propose to come out of Europe, get rid of the European human rights, introduce our own peoples rights, ask the European Immigrants to go home( last week there was a headline, one in four babies are born to immigrants ), put our fisherman, farmers, coal miners, manufacturers back to work. Someone I know has just brought a car on the scrappage scheme, that car is being made in South Africa, surely it would be better to put our governments money into our own industry and stipulate that the cars brought on the scrappage scheme should be manufactured in Britain.
We really feel that we could show the way back to full employment and Make Britain great again.

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