Monday, 19 March 2012

Road Pricing.

David Cameron has finally lost it, and told us we haven't got the money to repair our pot holes. Oh Yea ! I tell you what I feel totally betrayed by successive post war governments, that haven't invested enough in our road structure, despite milking the motorists out of Billions. In 1961 50 years ago I went for one of my first driving lessons with my Dad on the A 127, it was a nice dual carriageway with a very decent and well maintained cycle track. 50 years later despite a huge increase in the traffic it is still basically the same. A lot of the roads I used to drive around Essex on, haven't really been improved in that time either, roads that were designed for horse and carts now are allowed to carry 40 tonne trucks. The government have allowed massive immigration telling us it would be in the tens of thousands and now we know it is in the millions. I can tell you the infrastructure hasn't kept pace with anything. Our Hospitals are bulging at the seams. You have to wait for hours in Accident and Emergency. Our schools have classes that are to big. At rush hour it is murder on our roads. Now we are running out of water in the South-East. I read somewhere the other day that the average asylum seeking family on benefits are drawing over £500.00 a week, and we pay our pensioners around £100.00. We re sinking under these massive rounds of immigration, and the government is doing nothing about the infrastructure, come on Britain wake up.

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