Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lies, Lies and yet more Lies. As mentioned in my last Blog. We have had lies from The Labour Party (Gordon Brown and Tony Blair ), we have had lies from The Conservative Party (David Cameron ) and now lies in court from The Liberal Party (Chris Huhne ). The lies from the biggest Traitors in British history as Gordon Brown and Tony Blair as they signed away our sovereignty, without giving us the vote they had promised, and now David Cameron is reneging on the promise he made to give us a vote on Europe. Where is the morality of our top politicians, how can the do this when they know 80 % of the British People are against it, is this some kind of megalomania that when they get in power they can do these things that the British People are against. The Roar Party will give the British People a vote on all important issues. Europe, Immigration, Afghanistan, Crime, Discipline, Hanging, Fox hunting, we will have real Democracy though Reality Politics.

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