Friday, 9 August 2013

Population Explosion

Once again we have admissions from the Government that they do not know how many people are in the country. We have Advertising Vans touring our Capital city warning Illegal immigrants to go home or risk being arrested and sent home. Do we need our old fashioned Customs back on our ports and airports because the joke that is the UK Border Agency obviously doesn't have an idea. Is it to simple an idea to flag immigrants National Insurance number and their National Health number with an out  of date flag. Because these people are being employed and being treated on our National Health even though they are in the Country illegally. This week we have had a top Mafia Gang boss arrested in London. How do these people get into the country with no check on their identity, no health checks , no criminal checks. Lets make sure we know when people are coming into and out of the country. We have betrayed by our own Government, quite honestly they should all resign because they are just not doing what the people of Britain want, Protection from these huge swathes of Immigration. We are now a minority in London probably 1 in 6 of the people here are from another country, people from 28 countries are allowed to vote in our elections. Even if we ever get a vote on Europe these people are never going to vote to get OUT, it would be like Turkeys voting for Christmas. Our base is being diluted, maybe this is the conspiracy from Europe. We have been betrayed by the biggest traitors in British history, Blair and Brown, and quite honestly is Cameron any different.

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