Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Cameron addresses CBI

Surprise surprise David Cameron is preaching change in a speech to the CBI. He quotes that all our infrastructures as being overloaded, of course they are, there are millions of people in the country that should not be here. His first question from the floor was Green, what a white wash ! What we need to change in this country is what we hear from the people. Stop the immigration, come out of Europe, ask all our European immigrants to go home, Bring the army back and put them on the job they should be doing, protecting our borders and rounding up and sending home all the illegal immigrants here. Its November and the old dependables were on their annual march pass the centotaph, they didn't fight in the last two wars for our leaders to roll over and let us be governed by the Germans and French. My father (who fought in the second world war) and my grandfather (who fought in the first world war) would be turning in their graves if they appreciated what was happening now !.

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