Thursday, 1 November 2007

Where is your conscience Mr Brown ?

Where is your conscience Mr Brown ?

I seem to remember writing this before, same ideals different face, here we go again,
Mr Brown taking us into an increasingly federal Europe against the wishes of the English people. He knows if he put it to a referendum which incidentally he promised, The English people would vote against it !

How does he sleep at night it is all so completely dishonest !

This week the government admitted there are 1.6 million immigrants here, this is really frightening because if they admit that the number is probably higher than anyone imagines, a bit different from the few thousand they said were going to come.
NOW is the time to come out of Europe and ask them all to go home, get our army back here doing the job it should be doing protecting the British people against invasion. There is a reason the government want the armed forces out of the way, it is because they are colluding with the European federal government to allow us to be overrun before we can do anything about it, (my father who fought against this in the second world war and my grandfather who fought against this in the First World War would be turning in their graves if they knew what was going on now !!!!!!!)

Knife crime is going up, you don’t say, The Roar Party knows the reason for this the amount of Eastern European immigrants in the country, they have been brought up on a different playing field to us, The Roar Party knows the answer to this, come out of Europe and ask them to go home.

Two jails full of people that should not be in England , no problem send them home.
We can’t because it breaches their European human rights, no problem come out of Europe protect our human rights, and send them home.

The Death Penalty exists in England but it is in the wrong hands, it is in the hands of the criminals, and they are using it against the British people, lets put it back where it belongs in the hands of the state, and introduce it for carrying a gun, because if you are carrying a gun sooner or later you are going to use it, and it could be you or my next.

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