Sunday, 21 April 2013

Is this The Big Society

In a society where Bankers receive Bonuses of Millions and chief executives of local councils are paid salaries in the hundreds of thousands. People are dying through lack of care like D-Day war hero Fred Harris, 90, who was shunted between nine wards in 12 days in March after being admitted with breathing problems. His family claim he was neglected by staff who failed to properly treat an MRSA infected leg wound he developed in the hospital. This at the Hospital where there were another 2,500 needless deaths. Our whole infrastructure is groaning at the seams, mainly because we have been betrayed by governments who have let millions of immigrants enter our country without any increase in the infrastructures to accommodate the extra populations. Go any where near rush hour and the roads are over crowded. people are waiting up hours and hours in accident and emergency centres, our local hospital had a case recently where someone was waiting or 11 hours. Police stations are being closed despite more and more people to look after and crime going up. Schools are groaning under the strain with some schools having to cope with countless languages. THe Roar Party will give the people a vote on Europe and Immigration. We will bring our boys and girls back from Afghanistan and put them where they should be protecting our borders. We will bring back our Customs and make sure they are more visible at Airports and Ports. The UK Border agency is a farce.

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