Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Death toll on British Roads

The Roar Party is committed to bringing down the deaths on British Roads. Last week a collision between two lorries and a car resulted in the death of the car driver, and we have all seen it, lorries on motorways with barely two or three car lengths between them. we would like have a system where cars and lorries carried Satellite speed controllers so that people would not be able to exceed the speed limits, and proximity radars so that cars and commercial vehicles had to maintain a safe distance between one another. This would make driving safer all round you would not have people roaring up behind you at excessive speeds and it would make the traffic flow much easier. Schools and special areas could have speed limits that would make it safer for people in those areas. In an area where fatalities occurred ghost signs would be put up and the speed limit would be reduced on that stretch for a 12 month period. The Roar Party would put in a programme to up grade all roads, so that the roads which were built for horse and carts and now take 40 tonne arctics would be suitable.

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