Thursday, 6 June 2013

E-Voting will Rule.

Plebs, Swivel eyed morons, now you are lazy , will this government never stop attacking the British people. They are trying to subjugate and dilute us by unlimited immigration, already we are officially a minority in London how long before we can't even vote out the German Master Race controlling us. As for lazy ( Thank you Mr Bercow ), my grandfather, my uncles (one of them survived The Russian Convoys only to die of cancer after being subjected to the fallout from the Pacific atomic tests ), my father worked hard all their life for this country. When will the government stop attacking us,  for years they have branded us racists if we dared say anything about immigration. They are sitting in an antique system of government, lets come out of Europe ask the European immigrants to go home and instigate Reality Politics where the people get a vote on the important issues and even decide themselves what those important issues are, before we are so diluted that we won't be able to make those decisions ourselves anymore.. E-voting will Rule.

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