Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sick of waiting 4 hours in A & E

Part of the problem of unlimited immigration is the strain it puts on all our infrastructures. The government have betrayed us by allowing so many people into our country without any increase in all our basic infrastructures. Our schools are overcrowded, you can't go anywhere at rush hour without jams, we are running out of water,  housing is becoming ridiculously expensive, and one of the worst things is the wait in A & E departments, what has been the government response to this, they are closing A & E departments, more people in London, they are closing Fire Stations, we all know there is more crime, even though they massage the figures and deny this ( just another  government lie ), their answer is to close more police stations. The Roar Party will reverse all this and above all will recruit young  British doctors to cut down the waiting time in A & E departments, at a local hospital recently someone waited 11 hours, when you need treatment you shouldn't have to wait hours.

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