Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Germans tattooed millions Jews, they have a new tattoo for the English .....MUG

The English are walking around with a new tattoo on their forehead....MUG, you might not be able to see it but it's there. Last week a Romanian national that had been deported in 2004 was pulled off a girl he was attempting to RAPE. This shows just how bad our border controls are becoming. There is no health control, no criminal record checks on the thousands of Romanian already flooding into the Country. For years any one raising the subject of immigration was hit by The Governments big stick and accused of being Racist, we are not Racist we are just concerned about the Tsunami wave of Immigration, not only from Europe but from countries all over the world. I was talking recently with a woman from Kazakhstan, (I bet not many people in England could put a pin in the map where this is ) who is a single mother, lives on benefits and has a council flat in the Chelsea area, another person I know who has outstayed her visa is still working here and has a NHS number and is paying tax. The Government surely could catch up on people like this, they know they are here but they won't do anything about it. Those that aren't on benefits send a large proportion of their wages home to their countries, They are bleeding our country dry. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown the two biggest traitors who signed away our sovereignty without a vote from The English people, are joined on the Traitors rostrum by David Cameron who also promised us a vote on Europe  and hasn't lived up to his promise, and is now waiting until there are so many foreign nationals here (already people from 28 countries are allowed to vote in your elections ) that by the time they give us a vote we are going to be outnumbered. This is The Germans secret weapon, The V1 and V2 weapons have been outdated by a Tsunami of Immigration.

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