Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The invading hordes.

I walked past The Tower of London yesterday, started by William The Conqueror in The early 1080's to stop any invading forces, it made me think, no invading forces have ever got this far, until NOW.
Now the English are in retreat  after being betrayed by the very people, The Government  whose first responsibility , it should be remembered, is to protect its citizens from enemies, foreign and domestic.
We are now the monority in London after being overwhelmed by the immigration invasion. We have been betrayed by the two largest traitors in English History, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. They should be taken to the Tower by way of The Traitors gate and answer the charge of treason.

The Roar Party will give you a vote on Europe and other important issues, if you the English People vote to come out of Europe, we will ask The European Immigrants to go home, The English People never ask them to come here, we have been betrayed by The very people who should be protecting us. They say it is helping our economy but those that are working are sending a large proportion of their income back to their home country, millions is being bled from our economy. The ones that are not working are bleeding millions by way of benefits.

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