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Who are Britains indigenous people ?.

 For some time LBC has been arguing that we have no indigenous people and that we all are the product of immigration through the ages, personally I havn't believed this the last four generations of my family have fought for this country and in my lifetime I have seen the massive immigration take effect. Then I came across this article by "Robin Johnson" posted on Facebook and I think it encapsulates what has happened to this country in my lifetime.

Article by Robin Johnson

For years the British public has been force fed the myth that immigration is a cultural and economic benefit, and this may well be the case with managed immigration when skilled and educated migrants fill job vacancies, and while retaining recognition of their own heritage, integrate with the host society. But this has NOT been the case with the uncontrolled, mass immigration of the past 20 years.

The major difference between America, which has thrived on immigration, and the UK which is in danger of being destroyed by it, is that migrants to the US have pursued “the American dream” while those coming to the UK have been fed the myth of multiculturalism encouraging them to believe they can enjoy all the advantages of living in an advanced, Western democratic, welfare state, while retaining unchanged and unchallenged the customs, culture and allegiances of the countries they've left.

Those who have gone to America have been obliged to adopt a culture of self-dependency which views welfare, except in extreme cases, as fundamentally detrimental to the US work ethic with social services like medical care the responsibility of the individual not the state.

Hardly surprising therefore the UK tends to attract a different sort of immigrant. For those from third world countries, free education, the NHS, social housing, child benefits and all the other welfare entitlements available in the UK must seem like heaven. To achieve the American dream immigrants had to work for it.

For those coming to the UK it is delivered gift wrapped. Beveridge's “cradle to the grave” welfarism, designed for the indigenous UK population, is now available for anyone who can make it to these shores.

Encouraged by the flawed myth of multiculturalism many immigrants groups have been encouraged to develop separate ghetto societies outside and often antagonistic towards the mainstream culture. Those on the liberal-left in their efforts to produce a cultural revolution in the UK similar to that pursued by the Red Guards in China, their stated aim was to destroy what they described as the “four olds” – old customs, culture, habits and ideas - have deliberately sidelined and denigrated the host culture in order to accommodate those of immigrants. And without any mandate or consensus from the majority population they will achieve this now through the significantly higher immigrant birth rates that already account for a quarter of the current UK population growth.

But at what price?
Government social surveys on everything from use of the NHS to prison
populations and gun, knife and sex crime statistics – particularly
in London - show immigration has in fact contributed to a net
increase in crime, unemployment, disease, ignorance (in educational
terms) and poverty. And that unfortunately is no myth.
The disastrous results of the Red Guards' revolution in China could always be
corrected as they only affected the indigenous population. Not so the
far greater changes Britain is already experiencing and will
increasingly experience in the years ahead.
The other dishonest myth that that has been used to justify this “revolution” is that throughout its history Britain has continually accommodated waves of
new immigrants. This is yet another lie by the liberal-left. In
fact apart from the early movement of (mainly Anglo-Saxon) European
tribes which affected the whole continent in the early centuries of
the first millennium, plus the arrival of some 300,000 Huguenots
from France at the turn of the 17th. and 18th. Centuries, and a similar number of Jews, mainly from Russia, at the start of the 19th. , the demographic record attests that
since the Norman invasion the population of the British Isles
remained virtually settled and ethnically unchanged for almost a
1,000 years until the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948.
What remained true for centuries if not millennia has been overturned in decades, and it will have been brought about by the arrogant, myopic, self-deluded fantasies of those on the liberal-left whose Alice in Wonderland politics appear to be based solely on a masochistic,
self-flagellating, liberal guilt over the perceived evils of Britain's colonial past and the supposed racism on which it was allegedly based.
It must surely rate as the biggest peacetime betrayal any indigenous population of any country in modern history. Tony Blair was at the centre of this betrayal. 

Posted by  kind permission of Robin Johnson.

At The Roar Party we believe we should stop all immigration until we sort out just who is in our Country. We especially believe that we should stop all Muslim Immigration. But as with all Roar Party policies these ideas will be put to a vote from the people, we want real democarcy with Reality Politics, the people voting on all important issues.

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