Friday, 6 March 2015

Would you like to see less Road Deaths ?

Year Pedestrian Pedal Cyclist Motorcyclist rider/passenger Car Occupant Other road user All Road User Groups
 2013             398               109                 331                        785                  90             1713

These are the figures for Road Deaths in 2013.

These deaths affect so many people, families and  friends and its not just the shock of the knock at the door, the effects go on for years, my own daughters best friend lost her Dad when they were in Primary school, my daughter is still   affected 25 years later.
The Roar Party has some revolutionary ideas for trying to cut down these figures, they would like to see Sat/Nav cruise controls installed in every car and commercial vehicle  so that the vehicles are limited to the speed limit zone they are in. The effect of this would be that cars would cruise at similar speeds to each other there would be no more cars, vans or lorries roaring up behind you at over the limit speeds. We have all been cruising down the motor way at speeds near the limit and an audi goes by at the speed of light. School zones would be safer with cars limited in the zone to 20 mph. The variably speed limits would be automatically adjusted, so that in areas where there had been an accident, workers in the road, fog, it will be safer for everyone. To make up for this the current speed limits would be increased slightly, and  the no limit speed would be increased to 80 mph. Maybe for a trial time the motorway limits would be abolished between 01.00 and 05.00. In an area where a fatality had occured there would be a black marker erected and the speed limit in that area would be reduced by ten mile an hour,  a notification of this would flash up on the sat/nav display which would also show the speed limit of the area you were in.

Pedestrians and cyclists would have to be more responsible with school training from the police, so that from a young age pedestrians and cyclists would have a clearer idea of their responsibilites. At the moment there seems to be to much emphasis on the car driver being at fault.

Manufacturers of outerwear clothing would be encouraged to incorporate reflective or led lights around the waist or hems. This means that in our dark winter nights the dark clothing worn by a lot of pedestrians would be a lot more visible.

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