Friday, 30 October 2015

Do you want a Democracy, where your vote will count ?

Do you want a Democracy, where your vote will count ?

Its half past five in the morning and I am in a hotel room in Manila, I have just put the kettle on and made myself a cup of tea and now I can't sleep because I have this question going around in my head,

Do you want a Democracy where your vote will count ?

You know it probably made sense in the 13 th Century when our Parliament really begun, to elect a representative to travel to London on your behalf, because you had listened to him express his ideas ( his manifesto if you like ) and you hoped when he got there he would vote on your behalf, along the lines he had outlined to you. But now we know that isn't true ! The last Lanbour Government promised along with lots of other things a vote on Europe, when they got in they didn't give it to us, and when their manifesto was challenged in court, they more or less admitted it wasn't worth the paper it was witten on !
David Cameron on the lead up not to this latest election but the  one before that, promised us a vote on Europe. Did he give us that vote...NO !
He has promised the same thing again in the run up to the last election, has he given us that vote.... NO !
Now he is saying he will give  us a vote after he has renegotiated the treaty, thats a laugh because The Fuhrere has told him, NO ! renogotiation !

So where does that leave us ?

You could consider a party like The Roar Party ( Roar standing for Reform and Referendum or even Reform and Revolution ) because we would Revolutionise Parliament by giving the people themselves a vote on important issues with e-voting. Parliament would become a televised debating chamber, then the people themselves would get e-voting, lets reconnenect with the people, that have become so disillusioned by their representatives not actually voting  the way they had promised before the elections.
Thats without the gravy train that is The Houss of Lords, do we really need 819 expenses grabbing parasites ? in place of The People.

The Roar Party is the only party that promises you The People Real Democracy !

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