Saturday, 24 October 2015

South African Students show the way on Tuition Fees.

South African students riot and get the Government to back down on Tuition Fees. You don't need to do this in England The Roar Party will promise to abolish Tuition Fees for English students. Mind you they will restrict University places to the brightest students, university is not for everyone and to counter this they will encourage British Industry to expand with a variety of measures that will encourage expansion. To start with if the governmene purchase anything where possible it will be sourced in Great Britain, no more German Ambulances, German Police Cars,  British taxpayers money going on German jobs, if we spend English Taxpayers money it will go on English jobs. Any companies operating in Britain will have to be owned 65% by British Nationals, this will stop multinationals operating here and not paying taxes into our economy. Houses and property will have to be owned by British Nationals or people with residential status.For to long English people have been  squeezed out of London by Foreign Investors, what advantage do we the people gain by this.  Maybe we could even apply this to British Football teams, 65% of a teams squad must be British born, this would encourage our teams to become stronger with home grown talent.

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