Monday, 23 November 2015

President Hollandes words are hollow when it comes to The Calais Camp

So David Cameron offers his support to President Hollande but what is he doing for us ? allowing the rabble at Calais to continue to get into Britain illegally. How come our Goverment are ignoring these people continually infiltrating our borders with no papers and no identity. At the very least The French Government should round them up and fingerprint and DNA them and establish their identify, because they could be anyone terrorist or IS fighters.

This is a quote from Hassan Hakani today on twitter :-

I will always speak the real truth of Islam, become Muslim or die its as simple as that. We will try to kill you all, you will try to stop us and there will be one winner left standing. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim only a fake one with no balls. The real Muslims convert or kill. We will have our own celiphate soon enough and when we are done with The Middle East we will march on Europe. Do you know how many fighters we sent into Europe with the "refugees" it has Already begun so prepare yourselves for war.

We have been warned but our Government are ignoring their primary responsibilty to us, the protection of its people.

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