Saturday, 21 November 2015

UN security council pass a resolution against Syria.

What does that mean to us, does it give our Government  reason to start bombing IS in Syria......
But can we afford it ? They are telling us there will be 100,000 children homeless at Christmas, the NHS is in crisis, Mental Health care is nearly non-existant, when I was younger there were probably 6 huge mental hospitals in our area with at least two big childrens homes, all have been sold off now by The Government for housing, leaving mental patients out in the community to attack and murder.
I came home last night after attending  a say No to EU (incidently  a brilliant speech by Nigel Farage), I travelled on the Underground, now today I hear that The Belgium government have closed down their Metro on a Security alert, so where does that leave us, The Government is failing in their Number One duty to protect Bitish Citizens, they are allowing people that have been to fight in Syria ( some of these just like the very people involved in The Paris attack ) back into England, just like the very people that committed the heinious attack in Paris last weekend and the very people that The Belgium Government has had to close their Metro on intelligence of an attack there. At the very least we should intern these people if they are allowed back here, I don't understand why they are not declared personna non grata and not allowed back here at all.
So shouldn't we concentrate on the problems here and get them sorted before we go and spend millions and millions bombing in Syria ?

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