Saturday, 3 January 2015

Brentwood gets caned.

Brentwood got caned over Christmas, I have never heard so many reports of burgleries in such a short time. The Government tell us crime is going down, Oh Yea ! yet more lies. What is the Governments answer to this, cut back on Police, close more Police stations, with an infrastructure built for 60 million people and now bulging at the seams with 80 million people here. They are failing in their number one priority protecting their people. I think this was shown up dramatically in the Lee Rigby enquiry recently when The Secret Services phone Romford Police to have Adebolajo picked up, and they ask why, pick him up on drug charges, Romford Police answered that they would put him on the end of the list of drug dealers that thay had to deal with. We all know what happened next !!!
Crime is out of control, there are immigrants coming into the country with the most horrendous criminal records ranging from Murder downwards,  we demand the Government do their number one priority and start to protect their citizens. #cameronmustgo

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