Saturday, 17 January 2015


The housing in London should be for English Residents, surely we haven't spent 60 years rebuilding our Capital after it was ravaged by The Germans to give it away to foreign nationals, we should be like Switzerland who only grant 1400 residency permits a year or Thailand or Philippines where only their residents can buy property. I don't get it where the government are encouraging foreign nationals  to buy our housing stock at inflated prices, pushing our own residents out of London. London should be for Londoners, The Roar Party will stop this ( after a reality political vote ) and only allow our nationals to buy English Property. We will give the foreign  nationals 2 years to liquify their assets, we want to take back London, and also property all over England.
We will go further than this with Companies,  there are to many companies operating in England who through dodgy tax dealings are not paying their full amount of tax, so companies will only allow to operate in England with a 65% ownership by British Nationals.
We will allow the electorate to vote on these proposals with Reality Politics, democarcy for The People. E-votoing on all important issues.

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