Monday, 26 January 2015

The Dam has broken over Child Abuse.

The Dam has Broken over Child Abuse and will the tsunami its released  sweep away The Government, and not just The Conservatives but all the political parties that have been instrumental in this cover up.  Leon Brittans death has triggered multiple allegations of his sexually  abusing boys.
Why has this cover up been going on for so long. Why did The Special Branch heavy mob threaten Mr Hale, The Bury Messenger editor with prison if he didn't hand over The Paedophile Dossier given to him by Barbara Castle. Why was The ex Minister of Health for Jersey imprisoned twice in Jersey when he was investigating child abuse in Jersey and threatening to expose it. Why did Chris Fay have a gun held to his head by Special Branch and told to back away from allegations surrounding The Elm Guest House in Barnes.  Why did The Special Branch Boat Patrol nickname Edward Heaths Boat "Morning Cloud" , "Morning Sickness ", was it because Michael Shrimptons allegations that Jimmy Saville was taking children onto The Boat, to be abused and mudered were true.

This has now gone beyond Child Abuse and now there is evidence of Torture and Murder.

There are so many people involved in this when will they start telling "The Truth"


Mr Cameron and Mrs May there are questions to be answered, and how much longer can  you not comment on any of this.

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