Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sepp Blatter resigns, now its David Camerons turn.

On Monday we compared Sepp Blatter with David Cameron both at the top of a mountain of corruption. Sepp Blatter has had the decency to resign. Now its David Cameron's turn, sitting at the top of The Conservative Party one of the most corrupt political parties in The World, decades of covering up the most heinious crimes of Child Abuse, Torture and Murder with D'Notices, and the collusion of The Secret Services, Special Branch and The Police. To be true its not just The Conservative Party, but all The English Political Parties, they have all colluded in The Child Abuse Cover Up, and it continues Lord Jenner currently claiming Dementia to escape investigation but continues in his  duties at The Lords, how can he do this while claiming tp have Dementia.
Not only this corruption but David Cameron has completely failed in his promises to keep immigration to the tens of thousands, the latest figures at 318,000 this should be enough for a resignation. The very thing they should have as their priority to protect their people, they are failing in miserably.
Of course he failed in his biggest promise before the last election to give us a vote on Europe, even now only promising a vote in two years, WE WANT A VOTE NOW !!!!!!!

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