Monday, 1 June 2015

Sepp Blatter versus David Cameron

Sepp Blatter v David Cameron.

Sepp Blatter gets re-elected to FIFA President after 14 members of his executive committee are arrested on Corruption Charges. Then gets re-elected with 133 votes against Prince Ali's 73. Surely the guy should resign just from the normal conventions of common responsibility and decency, he is the man in charge and there is all this corruption going on directly under him on his watch.

How does this align with David Cameron well.... David Cameron heads a party that has been associated with Child abuse, Torture and Murder, from The very highest level, Michael Shrimpton alleges Edward Heath was involved in Child Abuse, Murder and Torture... just google... Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville and Haut de Garenne. Then there was Leon Brittan luckily for David Cameron dying just when the heat was coming on about his involvement with Child Abuse and losing the files on Child Abuse that were handed to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens. Then there were all the members of The Monday Club that are mentioned in The Guest list at Elm Guest House. All these Westminster Elite Paedophile rings have been protected by D Notices, The Special Branch and The Secret Service. All news about this has covered up for years but now the news is breaking all over The Internet and Social Media.
Then there is the recent election what an unfair system where the Scots get 56 MPs elected from 1.4 million votes, UKIP get 1 MP from 3.8 million votes and the DUP get 8 seats from only 184,260.
Of course David Cameron is happy with this result that gave him a majority but there is a huge swath of the electorate that feels disenfranchised and disillusioned. So how come David Cameron gets re-elected on top a huge abuse scandal that is breaking all over the internet like a tsunami and on top of a broken electoral system. #cameromnmustgo

The Roar Party has the answers to the broken electoral system and will give real democracy to The People with e-voting on all important issues. Reality Politics will RULE.

The People, are our Nations Rightful Rulers, People own the freedoms and liberties that our ancestors died for and passed on to us through The Magna Carta, now we must be ready to fight so that we can pass them on intact to our children and our children's children.

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