Saturday, 13 June 2015

Trooping The Colour.

Trooping The Colour, there would have been a time when I was proud to stand in uniform and be a part of this famous almost Institution. But what postion does The Queen really have now Gordon Brown has signed away our sovereignty, and what is our democracy all about. My faith has been shaken so much over the last few years, first I would love to know what involvement The Queen had in Princess Diana's death, so many unanswered questions there ?  Then there is the fabric of society I grew up in, so many people involved in Child Abuse and the covering up of that by The Government, The Police, The Secret Services, Special Branch. The people I grew up to respect, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, then there is the cover up of top British politicians, Edward Heath (ex Prime Minister ) accused by Michael Shrimpton of having been supplied by boys from Haut de Garenne by Jimmy Saville and being blackmailed by The Germans over his proclivities, Leon Brittan (  Ex Home Secretary ), various MP's of all parties, members of the elite Monday Club, well you only have to look at The Elm Guest House List.
And now the latest election Cameron with only 36.9% percent of the vote getting  a majority, how is that democracy ?  and the SNP with 4.7% of the vote gets 56 MP's and is wagging the tail of the dog saying they will vote against us leaving Europe. Well I tell you what they can have the 10 - 20 million immigrants in Scotland and then see how they like it.
So what is the answer The Roar Party is the only party that will give you real democracy with e-voting on all important issues.
Lets have a revolt against being run by the small Eton elite and get democracy back to the people.

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