Tuesday, 7 July 2015

7/7 Ten Years On.

We have had the lip service from the politicians today, but they are ignoring the growing problem of a cancer in our midst, they have allowed millions of immigrants to enter our country with no check on them at all. No health checks, no criminal checks. Half the time they don't know who is in the country or where they are from, we have had several high profile murders in the recent months where convicted criminals from other countries, even murderers are allowed in to murder here. The Number one job of the government is to protect its people, they are completely lacking to do this.
On top of this we have a growing number of Islamist attacks, some of them in the most horrifying manner, the muslims all say that they are rogue or isolated instances but they are growing in number, we had the Home Secretary saying last week that they have  foiled 40 attacks, so don't tell me they are isolated attacks any more, we have hate prechers here that are being supported on benefits by us to preach their hate, 51 mosques are financed and organised by the Wahabi mission from Saudi Arabia, they insist on a literal interpretation of the Koran. This means that they regard us as the enemy and would love to kill and maim  all of us Infidels.
We need to stop all immigration now and see who is in the country and what they are up to,  The Roar Party is the only Party that give you a promise to have a VOTE ON EUROPE, and a vote on IMMIGRATION.

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