Saturday, 18 July 2015

Knife Crime and Gun Crime

A simple car accident leads to another Knife Death, and a few days ago two innocent people were shot, one died and the other seriously injured.
The Roar Party is the only party that will fight back against these people, there is a war being conducted on our streets and it is time we fought back.
The Roar Party will give the People a vote on hanging, there are to many people who murder and are out of prison in a rediculously short time. The headmaster that was stabbed and murdered outside his school is a typical example.
We will also give the people a vote on whether to take these people on, we propose a six month amnesty when guns can be handed in, and after this a six month period of martial law, when anyone found in a public place with an unlicenced firearm will be taken to a place of execution and shot at dawn the next morning, after all if they are carrying guns they are going to use them and it could be you or me, or our children next.
We will also give you a vote on legalising  a lot of  the drug trade and take the power of this away from the criminals and gangs.
Of course as always The Roar Party will take these ideas to The People to vote on, with Reality Politics and real democracy.

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