Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Crime going down, don't make me laugh.

I feel a right idiot. Monday I was going down the A127 slip road from The Halfway House (A 128 ) towards Southend when I was waved down by a guy, who looked like a typical Moustauched Turkish Bond villian, ( this picture isn't him but its the nearest I can find )
standing next to a metallic gold Mk 1 Jaguar ( similar to the one Morse used to drive )
He gave me a sob story about running out of Petrol and needing to get to Luton ( I should have twigged then as he was going in the wrong direction for that ) anyway on surity of a gold necklace he took from around his neck I gave him some money, he then took another necklace from his neck and ask for more, telling me the two necklaces were worth a thousand pounds. He then gave me a busines card from Lica with three English mobile numbers on it, 07794603019, 07904405706, 07425766294, telling me to phone him the next day when he would re-imburse me and get his necklaces back. I gave him my business card as well.

Later that day I started to have doubts and went into the local  Jewellers and ask if it was real gold, of course it wasn't, anyway I waited until the next day and phoned the numbers on the card , the first one the guy cut me off as soon as soon as I explained, the second told me I wasn't speaking English and the third went to answerphone.
I checked on this type of crime on the Internet and found that it had been fairly widespread  in Cambridgshire, and also Surry I found a crime number 45140096483 on the Surrey site that fitted my guys description, with advice that if you were duped in this way to report it.
So I thought I would report it I took the necklaces and business card into Brentwood Police station, the crime occured just a few miles down the road from there. Basically they were completely disinterested and gave me a phone number 101, of their new phone hub Athena, I phoned them and they weren't interested either, telling me to phone Action Fraud in London. I phone them and was told to go Online and report it but the site didn't seem to have a category for this crime so I went Online chat and the chap there wasn't interested either. So I told him I would report it on my blog and on Social media. Basically they don't care, I only thought I would report it locally so that their patrols could keep an open for this particular car.
So you can see why Crime is going down, they are making it so hard to report it that in the end you just give up. But keep your eyes open and be warned. lol.
If you do stop to try and help someone like this take a photo of the person and the car.

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Sandy Pasaway said...

How do I "facebook like" this article? It's really interesting to hear that about the police - the stats WILL show as zero if nobody records them!