Thursday, 6 August 2015

Edward Heath

So now its breaking the news about Ted Heath. You know it beat me over the last election I just didn't get it that people would vote for a Party where The Prime Minister, The Home Secretary, Chancellor, members of The Monday Club had in various ways been implicated in  Murder, Torture, Child Abuse of the worst kind, where children in care had in effect been trafficked around for the pleasure of our ruling class. Google:- Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville, Haut de Garenne.

So five Police Forces are investigating Edward Heath, I hope they are going to interview the Secret Services that were allegedly watching Jimmy Saville take vunerable young children onto Morning Cloud, indeed Michael Shrimpton says that they nicknamed Edward Heaths boat "Morning Cloud" "Morning Sickness".

Indeed it makes you wonder about The Special Branch, they stopped Don Hale (The editor of The Bury Messenger ) publishing a story given to him by the MP Barbara Castle about Cyril Smith, warning him of imprisonment if he published and giving him a D Notice stopping him publishing the story.

Another D Notice covered the story about Leon Brittan and his visits to Elm Guest House, the very person who was given the files by Geoffrey Dickens that dissappeared.

Also Chris Fey ( worked for The National Association of Young People in Care ) alleges that Special Branch were intercepting Victims of Abuse that were coming to give evidence at his office about their abuse, and warning them off, and personally held a gun to his head warning him against investigating a VIP paedophile ring. Google :- Chris Fey, Special Branch.

Even more worrying is the fact that Michael Shrimpton alleges that The Germans were blackmailing Edward Heath over his proclivities, into taking us into The Common Market on their terms.

And now we have Prince Charles trying to pull a veil of secrecy over his association with Jimmy Saville. Why is he trying to cover all this up ?

I feel betrayed by the media and the Police they have known all this for years and have been part of the huge cover up. I find it very odd that The Current Prime Minister is sailing along completly ignoring all this and is part of the cover up himself, he is like the Captain of the Titanic his ship is mortally wounded and he is sailing along with it sinking beneath his feet.


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