Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lies and Propaganda

Once again The British Government lies to its people, they have used stock photos and made up conversations to illustrate a point on The Benefits System, making out they are real people talking.
If the Government lies to us over The Benefits System, can we believe them about anything ?
Ian Duncan Smith should resign immediately and the person in The DWP who authourised these lies should be sacked. Are they learning how to promote their Propaganda from Their Masters The Germans who were so good at it in the last war, and is The Stasi still there influencing our Government. This is The Government that wants us to remain in Europe and what lies and propagande are they going to feed us The People when it comes to The Most Important  Vote of all, In or Out of Europe. A Europe that Michael Shrimpton alleges on You Tube that we were taken into by The Germans blackmailing Edward Heath over his proclivities to rape, murder and abuse children. A Government that has known about the elite VIP Paedophile ring for decades and has used The Secret Services, The Special Branch,  The Police and D Notices to keep this from The People, because if this was known that an Ex Prime Minister, Ex Home Secretary, Ex Chancellor and members of various political parties, had been taking part in the most horrendous activities against children. It would mean the end of The Government, no wonder David Cameron and Theresa May havn't said a word about this.

The Roar Party pledges to bring you a Government of Truth, to give you The People a vote on all important issues, so that a Government that has only got 23.4 % of the vote can't talk for the people any longer. They will give you a vote on Europe and Immigration and all important other issues.

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