Saturday, 8 August 2015

Captain Cameron

We are sorry we keep coming back to this story, its just that we don't get it ! With an Ex Prime Minister, Ex Home Secretary, Ex Chancellor, Lord Janner members of The Monday Club all accused of Murder, Torture, Rape, Child Abuse. Captain David Cameron keeps sailing on like The Captain of The Titanic with the Conservative Band playing on. He is on a critically wounded ship that is going down, yet not one word from him or The Home Secretary on the subject, its as though they are members of The Ostrich Party, heads well and truly buried in the sand, while The Ship they are on (shall we call it Morning Sickness ? ) is going down.

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robert62 said...

You say "He is on a critically wounded ship that is going down". You misunderstand politics. It is indeed a bucket masquerading as a schooner BUT it is NOT wounded and it is NOT going down. The Captain and his First Mate are far, far too clever and devious and scheming to allow that to happen.
And the electorate are blinded to what's going on, primarily by the Govt's manipulation of the media to their advantage. All is spin, bullshit and mirrors - and yet the people carry on voting them in.