Saturday, 19 December 2015

Coal Mine Closure.

With the closure of Kellingley pit is it time to reflect on how The Government is doing ?
Coal Mine closure this week !
Steel works closing last week ¬!
Last year Immigration at over 600,000
Last week news that a 200 year old Deaf school was to be closed.
Pensioners in Essex may be charged £25.92 to be picked up if they fall over.
Fire stations closed
Police stations closed
Traffic jams everywhere
Hospitals so stretched, one of our members had to wait 7 weeks to see a specialist and now faces an 18 week wait for an opereation.
Mental Health in turmoil.
They are giving homes to immigrants and asylem seekers when we will have 100,000 children of our own without a proper roof over their head at Christmas.
Schools in crisis.
London homes being sold to non residents and forcing out ordinary Londoners.
The Roar Party will give give you a vote on all important issues.

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