Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Is Donald J Trump right ?

Donald Trump is getting slated right now because he thinks they should stop Muslim immigration into the states. This is because he thinks they are facing a threat from radical Islamic terrorism, and  the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people going into the USA.
He also got slated because he said there were certain areas of London the police were afarid to go,  and he has been vindicated over this by  a Met officer saying on LBC that officers were being told not to wear their uniforms travelling through these areas on their way to work.
The Roar Party would like to see all Muslim immigration stopped along with all other  immigration, until we can find out who exactly is in the country, David Camerons promise of restricting immigration has been smashed to pieces with 336,000 net migration in the last year. The actual immigration figures, people coming here  was  over 600,000, you must be feeling sick about this David Cameron !. How can you stay in power when you have got it so wrong #cameronmustgo.
On top of this we have started bombing Syria, the excuse for this is to support mainly France after their horrific attack there. But do The French support us ? they are still allowing the festering sore that is Calais where people with no papers or identity are drip feeding across our borders, where is our security here ?. The Governments first priority is to protect its people another complete failure of David Canerons Government, how can these people sleep at night, knowing they are completly failing in so many ways.
They want to help The Syrian Refugees by bringing them here, so we are going to bring taumatised and vunerable people here, who are going to be supported by benefits the NHS and our Mental health system !!!!  Wait our Mental Health system is a complete failure, and we are going to have 100,000 children without a proper roof over their heads at Christmas. That's without a million people using food banks, David Camerton you are not even looking after your own people let alone importing more problems.
If we can afford Millions on Bombing Syria lets stop this and start helping people here first !.
The Roar Party will give people a vote on Immigration.
The Roar Party will give you a vote on whether we should be at War !
The biggest difference between The Roar Party and other parties, is we will have proper democarcy with e-voting on all important issues, real democracy, Reality Politics !

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