Friday, 11 December 2015

The Royal Deaf School Margate - Heartbraking news

The John Townsend Trust who run The Royal School foe Deaf Children established in 1792 announced today that The School is closing TODAY. Over 380 teachers will lose their jobs, these are not just ordinary teachers they are extremely dedicated and caring.
Is this another example of David Camerons big society, is this another example of a grasping Government who have sold off Mental Hospitals, Ordinary Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Schools, School Playing fields, Shelters for Abused Women, anything that supports ordinary and vunerable people.
As long as The Duke of Westminster, The Monarchy, David Camerons family , George Osbournes family and most of the Cabinet and the rest of the top 5% that own 95% of the wealth are OK who cares for the People ?
The Roar Party are dedicated to making a more even society by sharing the wealth down to the people.

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