Saturday, 12 September 2015

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn.

You have to hand it to the Man, and he made a nice speech especially the way he bigged up his fellow contestants, even I was impressed until he got to the part where he said he was off to support the refugees march ! Then he showed his loony Islington leftists policies. doesn't he realise we feel betrayed by The Labour parties betrayal of The British People by their open door immigration policy to try and effect social engineering  by allowing so many people in, to try and change the voting patterns, to get more people to vote Labour ?
The Roar Party want to change the voting patterns by giving people the vote on all important issues,  even Zac Goldsmith is copying our ideas saying he wants more referendums on important issues, we want a bigger revolution than Jeremy Corbyn we want to give the People real democracy with reality politics.

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