Saturday, 26 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn and his detachment from the People.

At the moment The Labour Party doesn't seem to know where its support comes from, one of the first things Mr Corbyn did after being elected was to go to a pro-immigration rally. Now in the last few years I have enjoyed a few pints with the boys in the public bar much like Nigel Farage and like Nigel I have listened to groups of working class men chatting, do you know the two main subjects have been that they would like to see immigration stopped and they are against the EU. Later that day Mr Corbyn stated that he was for The EU and wouldn't vote to come out.
Now this week Kerry McCarthy has  stated that eating meat is on a par with smoking. As the authorities now fine people for smoking in a car accompanied with children, will The Labour Party fine people for giving thier children meat.
I have never seen a party that purports to support the working man distance itself so far from their supporters, they have it wrong over what the ordinary man thinks about Immigration and Europe, and now they are attacking what has been the staple diet for the working man for two generations, Meat  and Two veg.

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