Sunday, 6 September 2015

Thoughts for this week.

So much has happened this week, the main picture has been of this dead boy on the beach. Of course even one dead child is to much, but now we have so many different stories emerging about this, one that this family had been in Turkey for three years, that the father wanted to use health tourism to come to Europe to get his teeth fixed before going to Canada, another that he had sent his wife who was terrified of the water ahead of him to get into Europe first and then he would follow. We heard his story of how he had battled with the waves steering the boat before it was swamped. There seems to be so much misinformation around this story, which of these versions are true ? and now this story is being used to attempt to change The British attitude to immigration.
This story broke just as the really big story of the VIP paedophile ring was really breaking, with up to 7 police forces investigating the alleged involvement of Edward Heath, so has The Britsih Government latched onto this story of the dead child, and propagated it to cover this story.

This week as one of our members was driving near Basildon he was waved down by an Arab looking gentleman who rushed up and pleaded and asking if the person spoke arabic  ( oh yes thats so likely near Basildon ) and saying that he had run out of petrol, funnily enough this member had been scammed in exactly the same way 3 weeks earlier, so he reached for his camera and took a photo immediatly the scammer stood up so he couldn't be photographed, and immediately returned to his dark Blue Astra Car and drove away, funny that the car suddenly seemed to have petrol. Apparently this scam has been going on in Cambridgeshire and Surrey, so when we do allow these foreigners in, they are not content to settle down and work hard they are straight away trying to con us. Incidentally  this has been reported to The Police with the registration No.

Beware of Arab looking people asking for money for petrol.

Then we had a phone call in the middle of the night from a foreign sounding person who threatened us severely saying we should be careful what we write.

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