Friday, 18 September 2015

The Conservative Party have already raped our children, now they are going to rape us.

Its funny just when the VIP Elite Paedophile ring story was really breaking with 7 Police forces saying they were going to investigate Edward Heath. The story of the little boy was suddenly front page news and now we are going to have to accept 20,000 Syrian refugees, as a cover for The VIP Westminster Paedophile ring story.
It's amazing when an Ex Prime Minister, ex Home Secretary, ex Chancellor, Members of The Monday Club and various MP's of all parties are all being accused of the worst crimes including Murder, Torture,  and abuse, that we haven't heard a word from David Cameron or Teresa May on the subject, indeed I was at a meeting at the House of Commons a few months back when all this was being brought to the attention of the public, and I was extremely disappointed that David Cameron or Teresa May never put their head through the door to support The Child Abuse campaign.
Now Teresa May has said that we are going to have to have accept 20,000 Syrian refugees here, isn't the 600,000 we took in last year enough, and aren't they wreaking enough havoc here already. The Syrian refugees if they come will be all suffering physical and mental distress and will probably be dependent on the NHS for a long time, we can't even cope with the mental health issues in this country already, do you really want to put more refugees in front of our own people, and that is without the housing problem we have here, it was reported this week that 1 in 10 of our ex-servicemen that fought gallantly in Iraq and Afghanistan are homeless.
There have been two very high profile murder cases reported recently where immigrants that had been accused of murder in their own countries   had come her and murdered two of our own. Surely we don't have to have free movement of criminals from Europe into our own country, do I need to remind you that the number one duty of your government is to protect its own.
It seems  that the majority of immigrants that want to come here now are Muslim, and you only have to look at what's happened in this country with how many people killed here already including two beheadings and how many bombs and even more bomb plots. Then we have the Muslim Gangs that have been abusing girls in how many English Towns now is it ten or more ? Then you look at what's happening in Sweden which has become the second rape capital of the world, with Muslim Riots, in Germany, Hungary, Spain,  Sweden, Netherlands even  Australia.
The Conservatives got in on a promise of immigration in the tens of thousands not hundreds of thousands and The Roar Party call on you to stop now !  STOP all immigration until the situation has been evaluated.
Come out of Europe so that we can deport the Murderers, Rapists and Thugs that are running rings around the system and making a fortune for The Legal Rights Lawyers like Cherie Blair.

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