Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Gross inequality in Britain.

    I heard an Estate Agent on LBC today say that one of his clients had a property portfolio of 1,000 homes. Average house price in London is £524,000 so their property is worth 524 million. That started me thinking about the inequality in England. There are thousands of young people who can't get started on the property ladder because the prices in relation to wages have soared. Then I started to think of some peoples wealth.
    According to Management Today, The Wealthiest 1,000 Britons own a third of the nations wealth.
    The Queen comes in at around 500 million
    The Duke of Westminster comes in around 8 billion and owns 190 acres in Belgravia.
    Tony Blair maybe around 70 million (not bad for a former Labour Prime Minister )
    David Cameron is only worth around 4 million, but his cabinet combined is estimated at around 70 million.
    Our GDP is 1,744 trillion divided by a population of 70 million is roughly £25,000.00 each.
    Where am I going with this ?
    There are 1 million people in this country relying on food banks. An old age pensioner dies every 7 minutes because they can't afford to heat their homes. I know of one 70 year old who has the state pension of £123.45 a week and his rent to start with is £133.00 plus council tax, television licence, electricity, water, insurance, adds another £50.00 to this, so every week he is - £60.00, this is without food and fun, if he can have any at all ?
So going back it seems that there is gross inequality in Britain, what can we do about it ?
Do we need a revolution ?
Do we need to restrict our housing stock to residents only like some countries ?
Do we need a fairer distribution of wealth ?
Do we need to restrict companies operating in England to English ownership so that these huge multinationals can't shift the tax they should be paying to other countries ?
Do we need to come out of Europe and ask the spongers that come here for benefits to go home ?

Would you like a vote on any or all of these ? The Roar Party is The Only Party that will give you a vote on all important issues. We will put high speed Internet into every home, we will re-engage people in Politics by letting them have E-voting on important issues. After all the people turned out in large numbers when they actually had a vote in The Scottish referendum.

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