Monday, 16 February 2015

Stop all Muslim Immigration !!!

I know I  keep banging on about this subject but I have seen three photos this morning which have really made me think.


You see the cultures of the these Muslims are so different to our own, do we really want to allow people in our country that are actually pushing for Sharia Law, last week I  walked by a Sharia Law Centre in Leyton . Whats going on here ?

And now we have The Rotherham scandal 1400 of our children abused by Muslim Pakistani gangs, and apperently this is the tip of the Iceberg it has happened in scores of towns across England. These people and their families seriously need to be deported. We need to pull out of the European Human Rights agreement and get rid of these people, the lawyers that have earned millions off the back of this act should be made top repay their wicked earnings, including the traitorous Blair families earnings off the back of this.

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