Monday, 2 February 2015

Magna Carta

So the Magna Carta #magnacarta is 800 years old promising no one is above The Law so how come , ex Prime Ministers, Ex Home Secretaries, MP's, MI5 members, CID officers, Special Branch officers and other various VIP's have escaped justice over Child Abuse, Murders, Torture. Special Branch have even  been actively protecting these people.

Exaro news headlines quote "Police privately  admit 'cover up' for paedophile MP's and VIP's".

So why after 800 years has one of the most important parts of The Magna Carta been abandoned
in the last 40 years ?

No wonder The Government don't want the inquiry into child abuse to get under way because the backlash will be even worse than "The Expenses Scandel".   Every party has been privy to this cover up for the last 40 years and how are they going to explain this. What happens when The Government are brought down, and it involves all parties, Conservatives, Labour and Liberal even The Scottish Nationals have been alledged to be involved.

Even Royalty now are featuring in escaping "The Law"

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