Monday, 9 February 2015

Working Conditions.

We are in 2015 and for some we could be back in the 19th Century with Zero hours contracts 12 hour working days, how can you expect the best from your employees when you expect them to work a 12 hour day, everybody needs a life !
Recently one of my acquaintances started work for Google . Ok they are a rich company but there are a lot of Rich Companies out there today, he said about Google (My journey into Cyberspace from Mensa World Journal ), the company is filled with geniuses and run by geniuses. Every aspect of the work life is directed at making work wonderful for the employees. Free breakfast, luch and dinner. Massages. Work spaces have bean bags, couches and nerf guns. Really excellent salaries, stock plans, health insurance, life insurance, retirement saving plans and so on. Now in 2015 when computing has taken over many of the menial work and companies are making bigger profits shouldn't more companies be offering better working conditions, better salaries.
Even in the early 20th Century , The Cadburys ( of chocolate fame ) were particularly concerned with the health and fitness of their workforce, incorporating park and recreation areas into their Bournville village plans and encouraging swimming, walking and indeed all forms of outdoor sports. In the early 1920s, extensive open lands were purchased at Rowheath and laid to football and hockey pitches together with a grassed running track. Rowheath Pavilion was designed and built in accordance with the instructions of George Cadbury and opened in July 1924. At that time, it served as the clubhouse and changing rooms for the acres of sports playing fields, several bowling greens, a fishing lake and an outdoor swimming lido, a natural mineral spring forming the source for the lido's healthy waters. The Rowheath Pavilion itself, which still exists, was used for balls and dinners and the whole area was specifically for the benefit of the Cadbury workers and their families with no charges for the use of any of the sporting facilities by Cadbury employees or their families.
So in 2015 when Britain is the 11th Richest country in the world are we treating our workforces so badly with low wages, horrendous working conditions ( who amongst you wants to work 12 hour shifts ) . Why have we a million people relying on Food Banks. Why are we treating our old age pensioners so badly that 25,000 may die of cold this winter 206 deaths a day, 3.5 million fear they may not be able to afford to heat their homes this winter (according to The Daily Express ).

The gap between The Rich and The Poor in Britain is growing every day, we need to equalise this.
The Roar Party has already laid out that we will peg all public employees to The Prime Ministers salary, after all why should someone running a public authority earn more than the Prime Minister who is running The Country, especially when those down the chain are being treated so badly.
We should peg peoples hours to a 35 hour week and raise the minimum wage for employees of large companies, they are ripping the people of Britain off, we should have a system like Switzerland where companies operating here have to 65% British owned and no more Multinationals allowed to escape paying tax here on their profits.

The Roar Party will give you a vote on this and all important issues.

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