Wednesday, 11 February 2015

There is a hole in Democracy.

Harriet Harman quoted this morning "There is a hole in Democracy", to right Harriet, not only a hole but we don't have real Democracy. The Roar Party has the answer to this we will give The People Real Democracy with "Reality Politics", we will give The Electorate votes on all important issues. The Scottish Referendum proved that people will come out in large numbers when they have a real issue that they can actually vote on, rather than voting for a politician who lies about what he is going to do after The Election. Take, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and David Cameron who all lied to us that they were going to give us a vote on Europe (one of the most important issues at the moment , next to Immigration ), then when they were elected went back on their promises. "Reality Politics" will give The Electorate a real chance of proper democracy by giving them a vote on all important issues, Party Politics will not be so important because The People will get a final vote on all issues. We want a Revolution as Big as the One Oliver Cromwell started.
The Roar Party stands for Referendums and Reform we can change the democracy in England.


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