Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Sir Malcom Rifkind steps down after an undercover sting. After suggestions he might take £5,000.00 for half days work doing presentations in the middle East. So the man has principles and has resigned.
How come then that Tony Blair, George Brown, David Cameron who have all conspired to carry on the cover up over The Elite Westminster Paedophile group, who have been alleged to Abuse, Torture and even Murder children haven't the same principles.
Michael Shrimpton alleges on You Tube that Jimmy Saville was procuring children for Edward Heath to Abuse and Murder on his yacht Morning Sickness ( The name apparently given to the boat by the Special Patrol Group that were his bodyguards), on top of this he alleges that The Germans knew about this and blackmailed him to join The EU on their terms. Leon Brittan since his death has been linked since his death to the notorious paedophile parties at Elm Guest House along with MP's,  members of The Monday Club, Entertainers, and a host of other top people.
So we have a Prime Minister, Home Secretary, MP's of all parties not only known to successive Prime Ministers but an actual cover up that  has been going on for years and they don't resign on a matter of principle now that they have been found out. This cover up assited by The Security Services and The Police.
So Sir Malcolm Rifikind resigned over being offered a few thousand pounds,  but all these others have kept their jobs after it all comes out that they have been covering up, Abuse, Torture and Murder, where are their consciencess ?.

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